LAWorld location in Greenland

We, at Kirk Larsen & Ascanius have decided to go North and will open an office in Nuuk, Greenland on 15 October 2022. The office will be fully staffed and open for business during normal business hours. Naturally the office will be supported from our other offices in Denmark.

The reason for opening in Greenland is not only creating a new and interesting venue for LAWorld gatherings, but is also motivated by the strong development we see taking place in Greenland: New airports being built, Power to X plants in the shape of new hydroelectric plants are on their way and in general there seems to be a good environment for investments and a political will to further such investments in Greenland. In addition, we have identified a number of synergies for existing industries and clients, which we already advise today, among other things. The fishing industry, the construction industry, transport & shipping, public agencies and municipalities, etc.

We have established a subsidiary, Advokatanpartsselskabet Kirk Larsen & Ascanius Greenland which will be the vehicle for the Greenland operation. We have rented some nice premises at the harbor in Nuuk from Royal Arctic Line.

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