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About Us

LAWorld NextGen is the subnetwork of LAWorld. Since 2013, LAWorld NextGen has been devoted to creating opportunities, providing the best international service to its clients and unlocking ambition and opportunities in the next generation of lawyers.

Both LAWorld and LAWorld NextGen encourage growth and continuous learning of its young lawyers. When you become a member of LAWold NextGen you’ll be able to accelerate your professional and personal growth through the combined knowledge of the LAWorld main members and their firms, as well as by participating in the exchange program, webinars, social networking events and LAWorld’s regional and global conferences.

Our story

The members of LAWorld started to realize that the network they had built could only continue in the future if there was a generation to follow. It was at this moment that the LAWorld NextGen idea was born.

Ever since the kick-off meeting held in Frankfurt in November 2013, young lawyers from most European member law firms have gathered at every regional meeting with the idea of sharing, amongst others, ideas and insights into their operations, marketing and the path to becoming a partner. NextGen members started to build a strong network among them as well as with the main LAWorld members, and continue to do so. The increasing participation of young lawyers proves to be an advantage to both the official, formal agenda of these meetings as well as the social edge thereof.

In 2017, LAWorld NextGen started to expand internationally after it received its first invite to officially attend the LAWorld annual general meeting held in Spain. In 2019, LAWorld NextGen held its first, successful global meeting in Amsterdam, which was attended by more than 30 next generation lawyers from 5 different continents.

Our young lawyers are continuously learning from other members and are able to not only improve their international networking skills, connections and valuable relationships, but also their English language skills and amongst others, methods of marketing, which skills they are able to use within their workplace.

Thanks to LAWorld NextGen, young member lawyers are able to shape their future and stay inspired.