New partner announced at Bán & Karika Attorneys at Law

Dr. Péter Weidinger, LL.M. became a new partner at act Bán & Karika Attorneys at Law as of January 2022.  Péter has wide experience in the field of contract law, corporate law, real estate law, labour law and data protection. Besides supervising the work of the junior associates, he will also represent our clients in court and out of court. This experienced lawyer is fluent in English and German.

“Peter’s promotion to the position of partner is an important milestone for us. His personality ensures that our clientele will receive the high-quality service, based on our international experience, which they used to receive from our law firm over the past years” – emphasised Dr. Gergely Bán, LL.M., founding and managing partner of the law firm.

“We are happy to welcome Péter as our new partner. We value his contribution to the success of our team. Above that we can rely on him in the preparation of legal articles and publications and in business development because he excels in these areas too” – added Dr. Márton Karika the other managing partner of act Bán & Karika Attorneys at Law.

Dr. Péter Weidinger

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Péter Weidinger

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