LAWorld NextGen Physical Meeting in Frankfurt

The first physical meeting of a group of young lawyers in more than 18 months took place in Frankfurt-am-Main Saturday 25 September 2021 hosted by LAWorld lawfirm, act Germany.  These young international lawyers are  part of LAWorld NextGen, which belongs to our LAWorld global legal network. NextGen has more than fifty members from around the world and was established several years ago to improve personal (and professional) development.  There are opportunities to participate in lawyer exchanges with member firms from other jurisdictions and attend regional and annual conferences (either virtually or physically) which are both stimulating professionally and great fun!  


Here is a personal comment from one of the NextGen lawyers “Personally the most important and valuable about being a part of NextGen is that I always leave the meetings more motivated for my daily work and the meetings inspire me to introduce new initiatives or give me another view of my career, handling of clients, etc. I know that many other NextGen members experience the same“