USA – Employers across the US begin offering COVID-19 vaccination incentives as an alternative to mandating the vaccine. But is doing so risky?

As COVID-19 vaccines become increasingly available to the public, employers may consider requiring that their employees be vaccinated. We have addressed related considerations for mandating vaccines in recent updates:Can, and Should, Employers Require that Employees be Vaccinated for Covid-19? and EEOC Issues Guidance Regarding Mandatory Vaccinations. The concept of mandatory vaccinations raises many questions, including....

USA – One Year of COVID-19: Helping Clients Navigate a Crisis

One year ago this week, we released our first “insight” on a COVID-19-related issue, titled “OSHA Publishes Resource on Coronavirus Outbreak.” At that time we were starting to get questions from clients about employee travel to and from international locations that were becoming coronavirus hotspots. OSHA had just started a webpage outlining the agency’s initial....

USA – Employers can expect OSHA to issue emergency rule for COVID-19 early in Biden administration

COVID-19 cases in the United States have been increasing rapidly in recent weeks, and the surge is expected to continue into the winter. On Nov. 10, 2020, the rolling seven-day average of confirmed cases was at an all-time high. Almost 62,000 individuals are hospitalized for COVID-19, the most since the pandemic began. Fatalities from COVID-19....

USA – US Marketing and Intellectual Property Issues in the Covid Era

Our fast-moving webinar discussed key issues involving marketing and business practices in the current environment. As marketers continue to move their businesses online, focus on remote sales, and develop new products and services in this new world, it is becoming more important than ever to understand the ever-changing and evolving laws, rules and regulations. Our....