Proud Partner at the World’s Toughest Row


“The World’s Toughest Row” is the ultimate rowing competition across the Pacific ocean. 14 teams gather to test themselves against mother nature and to compete the 4,500 kilometers from California to Hawaii. BGPartner is proud to be a partner of the Swiss Kiwi Fondue Team.

Kiwi Fondue won the World’s Toughest Row with an incredible lead of 224 kilometers over the second placed team. But this was not enough for the Swiss-New Zealand team! After more than 1.5 million strokes, the world record was also broken. Never before had a rowing boat gone faster from the US mainland to Hawaii.

BGPartner is excited and congratulates sincerely the brothers Alex and Lorenz Gammeter, Alex Brooker and Rich Henderson on this breathtaking achievement. We are not only an incredibly proud partner, but we have also enjoyed the last 29 days cheering along with you.

What is the recipe for this success? What are the parallels to negotiations? Find out in another video interview between Alexander Gammeter and our partner Dr. Alain P. Röthlisberger. And in case you missed the first part: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10qKj0Va2_8

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