We are a Nordic law firm with a simple business concept: to create value for you. This is the guiding principle in everything we do. This means that we always look for solutions which not only comply with the law, but which also generate commercial advantages. It also means that it’s not enough for us to obtain results. We want good results. Irrespective of the industry. Irrespective of which Nordic country is involved. Cross-border.

That’s our driving force.

Kirk Larsen & Ascanius is a modern, full service law firm with four offices in Denmark located in the towns of Copenhagen, Esbjerg, Herning and Skjern and one in Nuuk, Greenland.  The firm was established in 1973 and has developed purely through organic growth. About 100 employees, including 50 lawyers, provide high level of service to and advise businesses in Denmark and across its borders, as well as entrepreneurs, ports and harbours, financial institutions and local and public authorities. Our approach is business oriented and, in addition to conventional legal work, we offer clients significant added value by being actively involved at the negotiation table.

Our clients will be assigned a contact person, who will ensure a swift and efficient handling of the matter from start to finish. We will respond to emails and telephone inquiries within 24 hours and, if considered reasonable and justified, we will also provide advice within the same time frame.