‘For those who seek progress’

That’s always our starting point. Your progress. Legal advice or litigation is a means to an end, not an end in itself. It should serve a larger purpose, your purpose. With this in mind, we excel at what we do.

Certa is an independent law firm founded in 2006. Our main office is located in Amsterdam, situated on one of the canals, and we also have an associate office in Bussum, centrally located in the Netherlands.

Certa is structured into specialized practice areas, allowing us to fully comprehend your industry, address your company-specific issues, and genuinely understand your business and key objectives. By engaging Certa for your legal matters, you gain access to a full-service law firm with deep knowledge of your business. Our team is adept at providing tailored advice and cost-effective solutions focused on your needs.

Certa offers a range of specializations to ensure that, at any stage of a transaction or court case, the expertise in other fields of law is readily available. If a specialization is required that is not within Certa’s purview, such as tax law, we maintain a network of external specialists with whom we collaborate regularly, although not exclusively.”