Planning a Christmas party to reduce legal risks, an article from our partner law firm Nexsen Pruet (Columbia, South Carolina, USA)

Holiday parties can be a fun way to show appreciation to employees for dedication and hard work. But they can also expose employers to liability for bad behavior resulting from alcohol consumption, including claims of sexual harassment and injuries caused by driving under the influence. Here are some ways employers can minimize the risk of....

Networking Nuance / The vital networking tool for your firm’s female lawyers

Tamlyn Edmonds Partner of our member firm in London Edmonds Marshall McMahon is co-founder of the platform Networking Nuance. Networking Nuance is a ground-breaking, e-mentoring solution designed to give women the best advice, from experts, to succeed in networking and business. It includes advice from a star executive coach, practical tips, tasks and additional learning....

Insight into the BGPartner Metaverse Day

Whether you are intrigued, fascinated or intimidated by it: The Metaverse is too big to ignore. According to a McKinsey & Company study (dated June 21, 2022), the Metaverse may reach a value of up to $5 trillion in 2030. New developments mean new businesses, new businesses mean new legal questions: What does acquisition of....

How to Select a Business Litigator (in Los Angeles)

Almost all businesses will face litigation at some point. Whether your business has been threatened with a lawsuit or you’re considering taking legal action yourself, choosing the right business litigation lawyer to represent you should be approached very seriously and methodically. Spending time on due diligence at the beginning of a professional engagement can save....

An article from our Finnish law firm NORDIA Law about the protection for whistleblowers

In Finland, national implementing measures for the Whistleblowing Directive have been waited for a long time. These measures have now been presented in the Finnish Government Bill issued this autumn concerning the new whistleblower protection act (Government Bill on the protection of persons who report violations of European Union law and national law, and the....