Interested in how Swiss executives negotiate? Then save the date, May 25, 2023.

BGPartner and Negotiation Academy Potsdam of the Universität Potsdam wanted to find out and conducted the first comprehensive and representative study on this topic, with answers from more than 350 Swiss executives. A study with many insights and practical relevance and on how negotiations are conducted. Want to learn more about the study first hand?....

Remote work abroad − employer, consider these points! From a Finnish perspective

It is nowadays quite common that an employee who is used to working remotely in Finland to want to work remotely abroad for a certain period. For example, remote work abroad might be combined with a vacation or, alternatively, the employee escapes the Finnish winter to work remotely abroad. In addition to the employee’s own....

Andrew Freedman Discusses the Universal Proxy Card and Activism at 2nd Annual Palm Beach CorpGov Forum

On February 9, 2023, Olshan Partner and Chair of the firm’s Shareholder Activism Practice Group Andrew Freedman will participate on a panel discussion entitled “Universal Proxy” at the second annual Palm Beach CorpGov Forum in Palm Beach, FL. With over 200 attendees, the event includes corporate directors and C-suite executives, institutional investors, pension funds, attorneys,....

EMEA Meeting | Aftermovie | 2023 | Athens (Greece)

The answer to the question “what makes a professional network strong” is multifaceted. However, one thing is clear: a network is only as strong as the relationships among its members. And this is cultivated at LAWorld in the form of regular get-togethers. The event proved once again that LAWorld is a unique and vibrant international....

Successful international M&A transaction

SynAct Pharma AB, a Swedish listed biotechnology company (Nasdaq Stockholm: SYNACT), acquires 100% of TXP Pharma AG, a privately owned Swiss biotech company, researching and developing pharmaceutical drugs for the treatment of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. BGPartner assisted SynAct Pharma AB in the negotiations and advised on all Swiss legal matters regarding this international M&A....