International Practices by our member firm Nexsen Pruet

Nexsen Pruet provides decades of experience, language capabilities, and unique cultural understanding when assisting international clients in the U.S. and U.S. clients conducting business abroad. International team leader Val Stieglitz shares how we can help with all of your international legal matters. The following video provides insights. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HoaU52jDKck&t=9s Author: Val H. Stieglitz vstieglitz@nexsenpruet.com +1 803.253.8262....

Exciting News from our member firm Nexsen Pruet

Today marks an exciting new chapter in our Nexsen Pruet story. In keeping with our entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to strategic growth to better serve our clients, Nexsen Pruet is merging with Maynard Cooper & Gale, a national law firm headquartered in Alabama who, like Nexsen Pruet, has a rich history of providing value to....

LAWorld location in Greenland

We, at Kirk Larsen & Ascanius have decided to go North and will open an office in Nuuk, Greenland on 15 October 2022. The office will be fully staffed and open for business during normal business hours. Naturally the office will be supported from our other offices in Denmark. The reason for opening in Greenland....

Registering Trademarks in the Metaverse

There has been much discussed and written about the “metaverse” in the last couple of years. In its broadest sense, the metaverse refers to open and immersive digital worlds that exist, at least in part, in cyberspace. The metaverse represents a complex and, in many ways, boundless digital universe that allows users to engage with....

Construction Contract Review. The Construction Practice Group at Nexsen Pruet can help to protect you from unfair burdens and excessive risk

At Nexsen Pruet, we frequently review construction contracts and address concerns and questions about them. We negotiate, review, and customize contracts on everything from standard industry agreements—generally comprising tried and true, familiar clauses—to one-off agreements for large multi-party arrangements for the design, procurement, and construction management of large commercial, industrial, or institutional projects. With industry....