The launch of a multi-brand CBD e-commerce platform called LevelOut within the UK later this year.  CannaOne Tech Inc have been building a cannabis-focused platform for the past 3 years and are launching their US platform, BWell, in the coming weeks.  The industry is growing fast and crying out for a design focused high-performance platform, LevelOut will be CannaOne’s second launch globally capitalising on the gap in the market as Amazon and other mainstream retailers sit out of the CBD market.  The UK market is relatively untouched and the opportunity is vast, with the number of CBD users doubling in 2017, the estimated number of users in 2019 is at 300k and has been named one of the fastest growing industries in the UK.  With the global cannabis market said to reach a potential market value of $272bn by 2028 being early to the market with a wealth of experience LevelOut should have a head start against the rest of the competition and puts them in a very strong position to capture a large chunk of the UK market.

The team are currently raising £400k seed investment to kick start the engine of LevelOut which once funded will be able to get to market within 90-120 days thanks to the functional platform created by CannaOne and a secured supply chain of the best US CBD products. The funds will be used for tech dev, inventory purchase, digital marketing, in-depth SEO, content production, fulfillment setup and launch runway. 

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