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LAWorld is a non-exclusive international legal network of 55 independent mid sized law firms covering most of the major commercial centres around the world, with more than 1350 lawyers across 90 cities. Its central purpose is to provide the clients of its members with instant access to quality legal advice anywhere in the world.

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Guy Rasco (LAWorld Chair) welcomed delegates to the 19th Annual Conference, held over three days at the end of April 2015 in Washington DC.  Sixty seven delegates attended the conference, representing forty two member firms. Four prospects from two Chinese Law Firms were also given a warm welcome.  Guy then introduced our host, Charley Kimmett from Harris Wiltshire & Grannis, Washington DC who introduced both his team and the amazing conference venue, The Top of the Hay at Hay Adams Hotel, directly overlooking The White House.  

The number of delegates and represented member firms, including three new member firms attending, is the highest number ever to attend a LAWorld event.

"Our conferences are always very successful and enjoyable. They combine a focus on increasing business referrals between each other and strengthening networking relationships" says Guy Rasco, LAWorld Chair and Partner of Devine Goodman Rasco & Watts-Fitzgerald in Florida. "The members meet each other regionally throughout the year, so the annual conference is the opportunity to meet each other around the world".

Business News

Germany, France press Greece to make fast, credible proposals
Mon, 06 Jul 2015 21:56:09 GMT
PARIS/ATHENS (Reuters) - France and Germany told Greece on Monday to come up with serious proposals ...
U.S. banks post detailed crisis plans to avoid breakup threat
Mon, 06 Jul 2015 21:41:11 GMT
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The largest Wall Street banks on Monday published detailed manuals of how to ...
Oil crashes 8 percent as Greek vote, Iran talks set off exodus
Mon, 06 Jul 2015 20:54:50 GMT
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Oil prices suffered their biggest selloff in five months on Monday, falling as ...
Energy leads Wall St. lower with eyes on Greece, China
Mon, 06 Jul 2015 20:28:59 GMT
(Reuters) - U.S. stocks fell in a volatile Monday session as Greeks resoundingly backed their govern...

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LAWorld Annual Conference (Cape Town) from 5pm on Tuesday the 5th of April, 2016 to 2pm on Friday the 8th of April, 2016

Europe/Middle East Regional Meeting and Lawyers Next Generation (Bratislava) from 5pm on Friday the 5th of February, 2016 to 5pm on Saturday the 6th of February, 2016

North and South America Regional Meeting (Miami) from 6pm on Wednesday the 11th of November, 2015 to 2pm on Friday the 13th of November, 2015

Europe/Middle East Regional Meeting and Lawyers Next Generation (Milan) from 5pm on Friday the 18th of September, 2015 to 5pm on Saturday the 19th of September, 2015

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